Three Fantastic New Ways To Get Your Fitness On – Without A Gym Membership!

"POPiN allows you to access premium fitness facilities and pay just for the time you’re there."

Pop-in to a Gym Without the Membership with Popin

"For a quick and inexpensive gym option that will switch up your routine, Popin is a great way to go."

No Time? No Sweat! - 30-Minute Workout Ideas And Apps

"A great option for travellers looking for a location-independent gym solution."

You Only Pay For The Time You Workout With This New Gym App

"Let’s be honest: we go on holidays, we get back from holidays, we get busy, we’re tired. Some weeks we hardly work out at all. That’s why there are moments when I wish we could pay only for the time we actually use the gym … it would have saved me a lot these past few months."

This app lets broke people workout at luxurious gyms whenever they want

"If you’re broke, you know that gym memberships are a problem. 46-percent of former gym members cite expenses as the number one reason why they stopped using their membership, and almost everyone is too busy to workout every day."

This App Gives You Cheap Access to Manhattan's Luxury Gyms

"POPiN’s roster of participating gyms have top-notch facilities and luxury amenities. Take, for instance, the Mercedes Club—a midtown sports center that boasts an indoor basketball court; boxing, spin and yoga studios; sauna, jacuzzi and steam rooms; vegan cafe and juice bar; and rooftop pool. In other words, it makes most branches of Equinox look positively down-market."

This New Fitness App is like Class Pass for Gym Rats

"Say you’re the type who hits the elliptical or the treadmill a couple times a week. You want gym access for the occasional sweat sesh, but maybe you wouldn’t use one frequently enough to justify a monthly membership."

'Flexible Fitness' App Lets Users Skip Gym Contracts And Pay By The Minute

"A new app is letting you stop paying for gyms you never go to – while getting access to high-end, members-only workout spots."

This App Lets You Pay Only for the Gym Time You Use

"An app that grants users access to members-only gyms but only for the time they use in them which really makes a lot of sense, available now."

Avoid the SoulCycle Lawsuit by Never Paying for Missed Workouts

"If you find yourself attending scheduled ClassPasses or SoulCycles, despite being sick or exhausted, for the sole purpose of foregoing the extra cost of skipping out, however, it might be time to consider an alternative."

Quick Hits: With POPiN, New Yorkers Pay Only for Time Used at Gyms

"POPiN, a new fitness app joining the likes of on-the-go friendly ClassPass and FitReserve, allows customers access to premium membership-only fitness clubs, paying only for the time they use, right down to the minute."
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