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New App Presents Pay-for-Time-Used Fitness Model

POPiN Delivers New York City Flexible Fitness Solution Where Users Pay for Time Used

July 6, 2017 (New York, NY) – Sweat-drenched treadmill hills? Glute-burning TRX bands? Re-aligning yoga poses? What makes you feel alive? Your time. Your choice. POPiN allows customers access to premium membership-only fitness clubs, paying only for the time they use, right down to the minute. The way we live, work, and play has evolved. Co-working spaces are the new cubicles, on-the-go is expected, and the gig economy is alive and well. We work out of multiple spaces, on multiple projects, and have virtual access to everyone, everywhere. It is time for workouts to keep up with our hectic lifestyles. 

“Flexible fitness is synonymous with POPiN,” said Dalton Han, Co-Founder and CEO. “We sought to create a platform that grants people complete control over their workout routine and fitness budget while giving gyms access to a new customer base. POPiN bridges the gap between commitment based facilities and health-minded individuals hesitant to be tied into contracts. It’s really a win-win.” 

POPiN isn’t a replacement for a regularly used fitness membership. Instead, it is a more cost-effective option for those working out about twice a week or less. The app is a solution for people with non-routine lifestyles that make it difficult to predict how often they will go to a single location. POPiN is utilized as a friction-less platform to promote fitness facilities, introducing them to new customers who would otherwise overlook these locations because of pricing concerns or lack of awareness. 

“We look forward to inviting individuals from all over to enjoy our amenities,” says Tonya Jacobs of Mercedes Club. “Previously only available to members, POPiN will open our fitness floor to New York City’s residents and visitors.” 

POPiN is easy to use. Simply download the app to find a nearby health club that fits with your preferences and schedule. Then, check in at the front desk via the app. When the workout is finished, just scan out at the front desk to automatically pay. 

“Each of our clubs are completely unique, catering to the individual neighborhoods in which they reside,” says Roman Stokes of CompleteBody. “We hope that POPiN users will take the time to get to know the health and wellness personalities of all of our locations.” 

POPiN is available in the app store starting July 17th, and the first workout is free. POPiN will be launching with four locations throughout New York City. To celebrate its launch, POPiN will be hosting pop-ups throughout the summer. Those interested in joining the free fitness events should follow the social media channels to stay informed. Twitter: @popinnyc, Instagram: @popinnyc, Facebook. 



About POPiN

POPiN gives you access to the facilities you need, where and when you need them, offering the ultimate in flexible fitness. We give you the ability to access premium membership-only fitness clubs, paying only for the time you use, right down to the minute. 

With POPiN there’s no more grabbing the same old t-shirt to go to the same local gym day after day. Our app grants dynamic consumers access to fitness options that answer your lifestyle and fitness needs. We are a group of technology professionals, business people, and workout enthusiasts who understand that there is a better way to meet the diverse fitness and business needs of the modern consumer. 

About Mercedes Club

Mercedes Club is a destination health club and fitness community in Hell's Kitchen, combining 75 weekly classes, industry-leading staff and upscale amenities. Mercedes Club boasts gorgeous all-day natural light and incredible outdoor spaces, making it as unique and beautiful as its Members. 

Mercedes Club was established as a luxury lifestyle and recreational space for the residents of the adjoining Mercedes House. Now, after opening membership to Manhattan's west side, Mercedes Club attracts professionals and fitness enthusiasts from New York and around the world. 

About Complete Body

CompleteBody is the ultimate representation of health and wellness. Like the different neighborhoods in New York City, our locations have personalities of their own, allowing us to provide the level of service and excellence that our clients not only want but also deserve. 

After working with Deepak Chopra and drawing insight from time spent at the Chopra Center, founder Alex Reznik created the CompleteBody system to reflect enhancing and maintaining the body through a collaboration of elements, all essential to achieving health and wellness.